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Window Cleaning Warehouse Southport Gold Coast

Window Cleaning Warehouse Southport Gold Coast

Hi Rise Window cleaners here in Southport Gold Coast to talk about how to assess a window clean whether residential commercial or industrial and what you need for a good window clean. First step to look at your options… whether you need to use a pole or a ladder for the job, and what will be the best and safest method.  

That’s the most important thing. It’s not worth risking yourself. Don’t do silly things like climbing up on a bucket and try to clean the windows. If some areas are not so accessible, don’t take the risk of falling and twisting an ankle or falling on your head or something like that. Reassess your options and take the safest option.

Sometimes you’re going to have a home where it’s two or three stories and you’ll need a longer ladder, somewhere around 12, 24, maybe 30 feet long. That’s something else you will want to do and that is place your ladder safely before ascending it.

I personally like to use poles most of the time especially with commercial and industrial buildings, because I can reach up two or three stories with a pole. I can reach up to about 30 feet which will go up to the second or third floor. You can also use a taller ladder to access some areas a little better. But you always want to be careful with the placement of your ladders.

I like to use the poles  because it’s safe and that’s the most important thing. If it’s going to be risky at times but you can always hire a professional or try to spray wash the window yourself.



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Window Cleaning Warehouse Southport Gold Coast

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