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Window Cleaning Poles Southport Gold Coast

Window Cleaning Poles Southport Gold CoastAt Window Cleaning Southport Gold Coast we specialize in all aspects of window cleaning using water purification & pole cleaning systems. We are experienced in the safe use of ladders, harnesses, abseiling rope access and hydraulic platform vehicles used to access all kinds of buildings in a safe and controlled manner.

We value the quality of our work and have a policy to maintain the  highest standards possible. Customer satisfaction is a policy we try to achieve on all jobs we undertake. We value feedback from clients and deal promptly with concerns.  We also carry out random quality control inspections on employees and job sites. All staff members are instructed to maintain a high level of grooming, supplied with  a uniform to be worn on jobs at all the times.

Pricing can be high due to the risks involved, the higher the risk the greater the cost as danger money is also applied.  The hire of cherry pickers & abseiling techniques can add to the price.

The use of poles can be a saving on costs, they are made from high quality carbon fiber which is extremely light and very strong.  Because they are strong and durable they can be easily controlled.  While working on  heights in excess of 40 feet we  work in ‘pairs’ as an additional safety precaution.

On the top of the pole there is a nylon brush head with a small channel that jets out a constant supply of pure water. First we do clean the frames and then the glass by moving the brush head over them. We then rinse all the windows and the frames and leave to dry to a spot free finish. The water used is purified from all contaminants, this technique is called reverse osmosis which is a filtration process. The end result is 100% laboratory graded pure water. Because of the purity, quite simply nothing can be deposited on the windows which are always left spot free.

The water is treated through a 5 stage filtration process. This water is then pumped through the carbon fiber poles onto brush heads and ultimately onto the areas to be cleaned. This water is pure and can never cause any damage in fact more damage can be caused by pollution in rain water or the atmosphere.



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Window Cleaning Poles Southport Gold Coast 

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