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Essential trade gear explained: The ins and outs of window cleaning equipment
Window cleaning is one of those trades which will always be in demand. Many people lead very busy lifestyles these days and it is not always possible to find the time to give your windows a clean. For instance if you and your partner both work and have young children you need to clothe, feed and ferry to and from school then cleaning your windows is the last thing you have on your mind. Employing a specialist window cleaner is not only more convenient but means you get the right equipment for the job. There is lots of window cleaning equipment which a professional will use:
Of all the window cleaning equipment available the humble ladder is one thing that a cleaner cannot do without. The typical weapon of choice is the extension ladder, which can fit in a normal sized van but slides out so it is long enough to reach the top floor windows of most homes. In terms of window cleaning equipment like this is vital as no-one just wants half a job doing. You could have all the cleaning equipment in the world but if you cannot reach a single window on the second floor you won’t be able to use it to full effect. Similarly important in window cleaning equipment terms is a bucket as it is used to carry water – which is needed to clean any window (with the addition of certain cleaning agents of course).
One piece of window cleaning equipment which is synonymous with the trade is the squeegee. Best described as a ‘T’-shaped device with a horizontal blade of rubber for dragging excess water and suds off a flat surface, it is something every window cleaner needs.

It is used in conjunction with a cloth, which is used to apply water and cleaning fluids liberally to the window in question.
Where can I find high quality window cleaning equipment?
If you have not got any of these three vital pieces of window cleaning equipment you need to check out The firm stocks all sorts of supplies which are necessary for the job so visit the website today for more information.

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