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window cleaning gold coastIf you want your windows cleaned by professional window cleaners, here’s what you do. Contact the professional window cleaning experts in Southport Gold Coast. Not only will you be able to get a thorough and  professional window cleaning job completed but it will be done at an affordable price as well.

They have all the necessary equipment to clean your house windows, office or high rise building windows. There is no job to big or small that they will not take care of for you.  Smaller jobs will only require a professional mop and a professional squeegee and some window cleaning solution and sometimes you can just use regular dish soap and water.

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Helpful Hints:

If you want to try this yourself just  take your window mop, and your window squeegee, and you can wash your windows like a professional does yourself. It does take some time to get used to it but after some training you will get the hang of it. Make sure you keep your mop soaking  in soap and water, and apply it on your windows. Nothing will clean a window worse than a dry mop, so make sure that you are keeping the mop wet and moist. Scrub the edges and corners thoroughly, and once you squeegee over everything, you won’t have any streaking problems nor should you have to go back and re-wash the windows. So scrub the window for at least 10- 20 seconds or more and then use your squeegee to wipe clean. Give it a go and if you find it a little difficult or think your time could be spent better elsewhere then give us a call and we will be happy to do the job for you.

You may also want your tracks washed and we will include this in the price as part of our service. If you have dirty tracks, this will require a hard-bristle brush and washing out of the tracks. We’ll also use a vacuum cleaner and suck all the dirt and crime out making the tracks look really nice. Having your tracks washed will ensure your windows slide smoothly, as well as your sliding glass doors. A lot of the time we come across windows or sliding glass doors that have a very hard time opening and closing, and just simply having the tracks cleaned on a regular basis will solve that problem.

For commercial window building we will also use a deionized water system. This takes the total dissolved solids out of the water. It’s a simple filtration process that takes all the dissolved solids out and brings the parts per million down to zero so when the window washers bring that brush up, and that water starts squirting out on the glass, that water is ultra-pure. When the window washers actually get done spraying it off, it dries perfectly clean, clear, and without any spots, because there’s nothing to cling too. This type of window washing does a fantastic job, it’s quick, efficient, professional and the windows look fantastic.

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