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Window Cleaning Equipment

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Dirty windows are the first sign that a house is being neglected by the owners. Proper sunlight cannot enter a  room because of dust and grime on the windows making the room look drab and gloomy. Clean windows on the other hand instantly brighten up a room and make it seem fresh and airy. In order to clean your windows properly, you need the right window cleaning equipment.

Basic window cleaning equipment includes a bucket which should be suitably wide to fit your squeegee. The squeegee is one of the most important tools for cleaning windows and should be of good quality enabling it to take off maximum dirt and grime. The squeegee comes in three parts which have to be assembled at the time of use. These include the handle, channel and rubber used to support the channel. The handles can be adjusted as per your requirement. Squeegees come in a variety of sizes ranging from four inches to twenty four inches.

Another important window cleaning tool is the mop which consists of the t-bar handle and the sleeve. The sleeves are detachable and come in a variety of different sizes and models. Porcupine sleeves fitted with plastics pieces are ideal for taking off stubborn marks. The water retention models are great as they ensure you don’t need to keep going back to the bucket every two minutes.

The scraper is another vital tool whose metal blades are ideal for scraping off stubborn stains like paint and varnish. One of the most effective components of your  Window cleaning companies equipment set is detergent. Contrary to what people may think expensive window cleaning products don’t do nearly a good enough job as detergents.

The plus side is that detergents are easier on the hands than the harsh chemicals used in other cleaning products.  For higher windows you need to use ladders and ropes and if you are going to be high up then a tool belt is also a must for you.


Window Cleaning Equipment

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